Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Making Our Dreams Happen

I go to the rodeo every year and enjoy it immensely, living vicariously through all the riders (except the bull riders). I've only really been riding myself for 7 years, since my husband and I met. And it's just been trail riding so I'm not a real serious rider, although I do love it. Those times when my horse Hershey and I have become one are so memorable to me. We run down through the wash, hat flying off my back, the fragrance of leather and creosote blowing by and all that matters is that moment - good times. At the rodeo, I know that those riders feel that all the time and what a blessing it must be to have that ability. I'm working on it!

One of my favorites is the barrel racing - cheering the women as they beat it through the sand after the last barrel! There was a little five-year old girl who competed this year. OMG, what a little pistol! This tiny little thing on this big old horse, and she owned that horse - he (or she) was doing what she asked him to do. I had to attach a couple of pix and I hope you like them.

I so admire women who step out and get it done. No excuses, just do it. I love it and I applaud them and all of you out there who are making your dreams happen. We're kickin' it! Whoohoo!

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  1. Ok so now I'm just really jealous - I sooooo miss riding!! Not a serious rider - lol - you are!!! I loved barrel racing - whoo hooo!! I adore the picture of the five year old! I would have been a wreck if it was Nonni!!! My friend Cathy is in Europe for two weeks with a group of friends cayaking!!!