Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sleep - More Than Just a Refresh

Sleep! Deep, REM, dreaming sleep - do we get enough? Many of us don't. In fact, it's almost a badge of honor to say we can get along with only a few hours a night. Turns out we really aren't getting along very well.

There is a lot of research going on right now about what sleep really does for us human beings, and it's fascinating. 60 Minutes just did a segment on January 18 about what the latest research is turning up about results of "normal" sleep deprivation. Lack of a healthy amount of sleep (eight hours), even for a few days in a row, can result in almost immediate increased risk for weight gain, diabetes, ability to remember things, make good decisions or react reasonably. If you can, listen to the 60 Minutes podcast from that date - it is well worth your time.

As women, we KNOW we are often sleep deprived due to the many jobs we have to accomplish every day. Menopause and aging don't help either. We need to take a good look at what we're doing every day and see what we can start saying "no" to so we can put that time back into our health - get on with the business of Aging Lite!


  1. I know I sure don't get the good nights sleep like I used to. Why, I think mine is mostly the "M" word......grrrr!!!

  2. Me, too! I feel your pain. I'm going to bed earlier these days and reading in bed instead of watching TV. It's helping some. Now if I could just figure out what to do with that restless husband!

  3. I have found a bit of Reiki and deep breathing helps me get back to sleep. Otherwise I lay there thinking about - whatever!!! LOL - I do the same thing - just like Mom!!! Reading in bed!! Love, Sarah

  4. I have been taking some sleep homeopathics and also doing my light therapy while the sunshine is missing in action...helps tons!

    I love those turtles!
    Thanks for visiting and glad you got yo go into the water with the ponies!