Sunday, June 7, 2009

Never Giving Up What You Want Most

Weight Watchers has a great saying - "Never give up what you want most for what you want right at the moment." It gets many of us Weight Watchers through many a temptation - whether it's to eat that piece of cheesecake the waiter left in front of you at a group dinner or drive by the gym instead of going in to do your workout.

What do I want most? I guess it is to stay healthy as long as possible so I can experience all the living I want to do and accomplish what I want to accomplish. And I confess I do eat the cheesecake sometimes and I do turn over and go back to sleep instead of getting up at o-dark hundred and going to the gym once in awhile. Who doesn't? But I know I am fighting my own personal tide of lousy genes. And if I give in very often the tide will happily take me out to sea without a second thought. Maybe it will anyway one day, but not without a fight and not today!!!

We live in such a crazy instant gratification world. Don't we get bombarded all day long with possibilities of getting something the easy way, the satisfying way, the luxurious way in the short term with long-term negative effects? Take pills to lose weight! Buy that Lexus on credit! Fudge on the travel report, the taxes, the insurance and on and on. It's a battle everyday to ignore all of this and stay focused on our goals. But focus we must if we want to have "what we want most." It does take a serious case of "gottawanna." Hard work and doing the right thing pays off.

What kinds of challenges to you find often jumping out at you and how do you deal with them? I'd love to hear.
The pix above were a few I took in Seattle last week. Amazing place. I loved it - especially the flying fish! Have a great week!


  1. Anne, this entire post resonated with me! First of all, I lived in Vancouver for many years,so it was nothing to zip down to Seattle and the Pike Place Market (have you seen the video that was made there? Businesses use it to inspire their employees!).
    Second, I am a Weight Watchers life time member and, before I became ill, I was a leader with them. What I have learned through that organization is phenomenal - it taught me how to work through any problem via setting a goal, desiring the outcome, and taking it one step at a time. Weight Watchers taught me not to get down on myself for the slips that I made along the way - it is okay to indulge from time to time. It taught me to truly care about my health and that I deserved to live in a healthy house!

    I always love your posts Anne. Thanks for this one!

  2. Oh great post hon.... whaaaaaaaa you were so close!! Miss you!!
    I will have to say... this is something that I am good at. I can wait and focus on what I really want. I do treat myself on occassion - but am pretty good at keeping my goal in mind.
    Love your pictures - looks like you had a wonderful time hon!!!!
    I'm sooooo excited to get your booooookkkkkk!!! Thank you hon!!!! Whoo hoo!
    Love ya hon, Sarah