Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Summer Reading + Contest

I was walking around Barnes & Noble the other day and happened upon a table with a sign on it that just brought back a flood of memories. The sign read - Summer Reading. I was immediately transported back to when I was a teenager and summer meant beaches and hanging around with my friends and reading long novels like "Hawaii." This nice feeling just washed over me standing in front of that table and I wondered if I could recreate that sense of tranquility and even freedom again, even though I don't have the summer off technically. How nice would that be?

So I am on a quest to figure out how to do that this summer . I haven't had summers off in about 30 years, but when the kids are out of school, it still feels like I should be!

So my question is to all of you, what do you do in the summer that doesn't really happen much or as much the rest of the year that gives you a sense of peace and deep happiness? Do you plan for it or does it happen more spontaneously?

Everyone who leaves a comment on this blog for this question by next Sunday, May 31 EOD will be entered into a drawing for my book "Aging Lite: A Baby Boomer's Health Planner for Women." I will get in touch with the winner and mail the signed copy.

Thanks for visiting! Looking forward to hearing about your summer!


  1. Oh, this is an easy one for me Anne. I am an out-doors kind of girl. I moved from Vancouver where it was possible to be out of doors all year round, to a city where the temps can be
    -40 degrees celsius in the winter. So what I do in the summer that I can't do in the winter, is go for long, slow walks appreciating nature and the gift of life. I love it!

    Did you pick up a book for summer reading? One that I have been "threatening" to read for many, many summers is "A Suitable Boy" by Vikram Seth. Maybe this will be the year!

  2. Ohhhh Hi hon - great giveaway - looove it!!!
    Hmmmmm.... I spend a bit of time on the waterfront and peaceful moments in the back yard alone with a good book and sunshine - basking like a cat - with lots of sunscreen after the first 15 - lol.
    Oh and every year in July - we (my kids, preschoolers and neighborhood kids now) tie dye everything that does not move - that is assuming the cat is fast enough. I have blue hands for a week or so and looove it. It brings me great joy to see what happens to each piece of fabric and each face as we unroll thier pieces. Great fun!!
    Hugs your sis, Love Sarah

  3. Hi Anne,
    I loved how this post tweaked memories of our summer reading lists in high school. we would have about 5 really heavy novels to read, classics by Dickens or Shakespeare etc., and then a list we could pick off of...lighter fare but serious novelists like Hemingway, Faulkner, etc. I still love, love, love to read! And in the summer I love to take time out now and then to take a chair outside and read in the sun, or the shade depending on how hot it is. Just being outside after a long, cold, yukky winter is what I love to do in the summer. Walking, sitting, do tai chi....anything to get out there! Our yoga studio is starting outdoor classes and while that doesn't sound so exciting to most folks, to those of us who live in a cold, severe climate, being outside in the short summer is so FREEING! Our outdoor farmer's market starts next Friday. I am READY!

    Enjoy your summer months and your reading! Hope you get some good books in!

  4. Thanks for the great tips and encouragement! I was in Seattle all week, so now i can get back to pulling the winner! Will let you know ladies. thanks so much for visiting!!!!!

  5. Hi hon - I'm giving you a tag today - come get it......Hugs your sis..

  6. Well, guess what? All three ladies magically won my book! Can't wait to send them out. Congratulations!