Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Loving Furballs

When my sister Sarah asked me to say six things about something I loved, well there are so many things that are special to me - it's hard to choose. So I decided to pick my three little cocker spaniels, Lucy, Dizzy and Charlie. Lucy and Charlie were adopted dogs from other families and we picked Dizzy from a pet store where she was on deep discount. She hadn't been groomed for awhile and looked a little crazy, but when we got her all clipped and bathed, she was gorgeous. So here are the six things about them that I love:
1. They are all very loving, snuggly dogs - 24/7/365
2. They meet me at the door every night so excited that I'm home and so happy to see me.
When I'm gone for a few days for work and return, they practically turn themselves inside out they are so happy.

3. I love making their lives the best they can be and they couldn't be more loved. So they have given me that wonderful experience.

4. They get me out on walks - long and short - on a regular basis. Lucy and Charlie just truck - very focused on going forward. Dizzy stops for everything, every smell, every odd noise.

5. Lucy has become a therapy dog at a local nursing home and her love for that has given me many opportunities to talk to elderly people who I might not have met.

6. They have taught me so much about dogs and changed me permanently.

In the pix above, Lucy is the mostly white Cocker, Dizzy has more black and Charlie is chocolate brown. this picture of him was just before I groomed him, so his coat is a little long! My sweet furballs. My husband Les, is in one of the pictures and you can see that they love him, too!


  1. Awwwww they are soooooo sweet!!! Thanks for doing my tag....I don't think we are Great Aunties yet....but soon, very soon!!
    Hugs, your sis, Love, Sarah

  2. Anne, the pictures are wonderful, and your words even more so - I can feel the love and respect you have for these members of your family! Both you and the furballs are truly blessed. Thank you for sharing. Oh, and a big hug to Lucy for being such a "humanitarian" wee dog!

  3. Thanks ladies. They are very special dogs and Lucy, especially so. If there is such a thing as psychic connection between man and beast, she and I have it. She's my No. 1 girl. (But the others follow very closely!)

  4. Anne, they are beautiful! It is so obvious they appreciate everything you do for them and vice versa. The best part about a dog is the unconditional love they give you every single day no matter your mood or situation. They just instinctively know what you need and when. You ARE blessed to have three such furballs!

  5. Thanks for coming by ImmaMomma! You have darling dogs! And I love the purpose of your blog!

  6. Hi hon!!!! I was thinkin' I might interview you for my blog and pimp that amazing book you sent me, what do ya think...can I send you a few questions???
    Love ya, Sarah