Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Totally Tuesday

The weather in the southwest is AWESOME! It's a great time to get those walking shoes on, grab the leash and take Fido (or Fidette) for the first of many long walks starting now. Long, slow distance does the heart good.

Take some slow time to look around at things you only fly past in the car. Take some new routes! Leave the cell phone off (but on you in case of emergency), leave the headphones at home and listen for the sounds of nature: birds, of course, the rustling of lizards in the dry brush, gophers and rabbits chasing each other around! Lots of peaceful things to enjoy on a walk...or a run...or a nice bike ride... or on the back of a horse. Happy spring!


  1. Whoo hoo happy Spring Anne!!! Beautiful pictures hon!!! We still have winter here - it snowed all day - lol. Love you, Sarah

  2. Beautiful pictures, Anne! I don't take the dogs for a walk I take Pokey! He gets mad when I take Gilly out for a ride so to let him have his turn out of the field we go for a walk. Then he is a happy donkey!!!

  3. Hi Anne!! Your sister Sarah sent me your way in regards to a post on my blog today. Here is the url - http://godzchyld.blogspot.com/2009/04/stirring-up-is-taking-place.html

    She said this is right up your alley and boy do I hope so!!

    I love your sister! She's super talented!!