Sunday, April 5, 2009

Back on the Bike

So my sister reminded me after my last blog that it isn't spring everywhere as evidenced by pix my husband's sister sent today of a snowstorm in Minnesota. So I apologize to everyone who reads my blog and thought - geez it isn't spring here! Well, this summer you'll have your sweet revenge when it's 110 degrees in the shade here!

But as it IS spring here and April, it's time for my husband and I to get back on our bikes. Les got a motorized bicycle last summer and is now able to ride with me when I do 30 miles or so on my roadbike. Since he only has one lung (and one of a couple other organs) , it just isn't possible for him to keep up even slowly. So it's been a very nice compromise and allows us to spend time together outside getting some exercise. He does actually get some exercise since it is a pedal-assist. He also gets a lot of looks from people as he buzzes by!

Last summer we came up with a triathlon that we do now and then: ride the horses early in the morning for an hour, get on the bikes and ride to breakfast and back - about 25 miles, and go to a par 3 golf course and play a round of golf. How fun is that? Feels good and we sleep well those nights!

The biathlon version is just riding the horse and the bikes. We try to do one or the other most weekends.

So my husband was visiting his brother and his wife up in the mountains this weekend while I had a class to administer on Saturday. But when he got back today, we got on our bikes and did our first ride of the season. It was beautiful outside - perfect riding weather. We only rode about 13 miles, but the route had two huge hills, so it was just fine for the first ride of the season. We're enjoying every moment we can and making every minute count. Les just had his quarterly CT scan and we are praying for a good outcome. More time. He's already beat the odds. So why not keep beating them? Sounds good to us!


  1. I think it's so romantic that you guys spend time together like that! I will keep your hubby in my prayers. :)

  2. Thank you, Tabitha. Prayers are a big deal!

  3. Here is to clean scans!! Will be praying for that!! The biking looks fun and the horses!! Finally some warm weather today - almost 60!!!! Bunny escaped lots of fun and my tulips and iris are coming up - WHOO HOO! Love, Sarah

  4. I LOVE the idea of your triathalon! And how great is that for your husband to have a motorized bike? That is totally awesome!
    I am sending prayers and good karma for the scan - I know how nerve wracking they can be. I pray for good results!