Monday, November 16, 2009


I HAD to show you some pictures from my first ever NASCAR race in Phoenix. I had no idea. We've watched tons of races on TV but have only seen the inside of the track - never what goes on outside. OMGosh! There were sooo many people out there before the race starts - many for days at a time in motorhomes. Take a look at this sea of RVs! I think there was over 100,000 people there.

Half of the fans had some NASCAR something on and the other half were carrying logo stuff they just bought in clear plastic bags. I think they ask for clear for security reasons. I felt severly underdressed. I had no NASCAR anything on except a lanyard that held my ticket and stuff.

Every driver had a their own trailer selling their logo'd stuff. Had to get a shot of Dale Jr., my husband's favorite and mine, Carl Edwards. Dear Carl, he's usually great, but Sunday he was just out for a Sunday drive. Dale crashed early, so I found myself rooting for the guy who had a picture of a dog on his car. Turns out he's the driver everybody boo's. How do you boo a guy with a dog on his car?

The SPEED Channel was there of course and was doing their commentary right outside the track. They'd goof around with the audience in during breaks and commercials.

The food was about as unhealthy as it could be. Huge BBQ turkey legs. Giant sausages in buns that would feed a family of four. Aaaargh! I managed to find a marginal grilled chicken breast sandwich and that was about it. I did break down and get a bag of kettle corn.

We had great seats thanks to one of my husband's friends in his company and he even lent us his two sets of head phones - a must otherwise you'll go deaf - and a scanner that hooked up to both sets where you could hear the drivers talking all through the race. How cool was that?

Four Air Force jets flew over the track as they played the Star Spangled Banner and I got all choked up. A NASCAR race is so about what America is at its heart. America loves racing.

Jimmy Johnson in the Lowes car won that day. Great driver, great car. Fabulous job. I want to go again. Next time I'll have my clear plastic bag and my Carl Edwards t-shirt. But I won't have a hat on like this! Gotta be kidding me!!!!


  1. I've never been to a NASCAR race. I watch them on tv every now and then. I used to watch all the time when Ricky Rudd was driving. Looks and sounds like you had a grand time!

  2. I've never been to a NASCAR race either. You were sure prepared for everything - except the food didn't sound too healthy. Glad you had a good time.

  3. We lived in Nascar heaven while in NC...Dale Earnhardt prevailed everywhere with everyone wearing Nascar something or the other. After he passed away, street names were changed! Sounds like a fun day!

  4. Looooved the shot of the hat...giggle snort!! I remember Dad going to the races when they had a Carrier driver. It is a world all of it's own..turkey legs and beer..LOL! Looks like you had a wonderful time though - whoo hoo!! Great shots too!! Love you, Sarah