Sunday, August 9, 2009

Quality Time with My No. 1 Daughter

First, I want to say that I"M SO SORRY I haven't posted forever. My computer died (first it was my monitor, and then my computer itself) and my husband's also died so we were computerless for awhile. Withdrawls! But in the middle of it my sister Barbara started her blog! Yea! and I didn't get to make any comment about it on a post like I wanted to until now. Sarah and I have been egging her on to start one because we've enjoyed it so much and she's a better writer than both of us put together. So she finally did it and I am so proud of her. It's funny the three of us started our blogs about seven months apart each. I don't think that means a darn thing, but it was funny. So congratulations to you, Barb. I loved your post about adopting your cats.

My first-born daughter, Tamara, 33 and I checked into a resort last weekend to spend our sixth annual summer weekend getaway together. In the past Tamara, Jesse, my son, sometimes one of his friends, Jesse's girlfriend who I love - Rachael, or one of my friends have joined us. We always take advantage of the super-low summer rates in Arizona (they almost pay you to come and stay there!!!) where it's 110 degrees by the pool and you just go back and forth between the lounge (under the shade) and the water.

Well, this year, it was just Tamara and I and we made it a Mother-Daughter weekend. We talked and talked, sipped drinks and had a lunch out by the pool, read our books, watched an old western show and just had a good time together. They had a water shuttle that took us to the casino on the property where Tamara won just enough at the two-penny slots to pay for a couple of sodas on our way out. For some reason though, they never offered us any free hotel rooms for the next time!

One thing we enjoyed doing was getting out real early in the morning when the light was just right and snapping pictures. Some of them are here. Now that I have a brand new computer and could download them, I can show them to you!
If you've ever seen Boat-tailed grackles, you know that they can be real pests and pretty vocal. As we ate outside on the patio one morning we were laughing at these crazy birds that were stealing sugar packets out of the sugar bowls on unoccupied tables. They were so persistent about it, you couldn't leave your food without a guard standing over it until you got back or it would be gone in a flash. They had even learned how to take the lids off the sugar bowls, so the wait staff had to flip the lids over after each party left. I can't imagine how much sugar they went through every season there. Too funny.

I love spending time with my kids - my two and my husband's daughters - Gina and Jamie. I wish we had more time to do these kinds of let-your-hair-down activities, but we do the best we can.
I can't believe it is already well into August. Where did summer go? I did get a lot of summer reading done. How about you? Did you do something special this summer that really stood out? I'd love to hear about it.


  1. I"m with you...summer disappeared before it arrived! How wonderful to spend mother/daughter's the best!

  2. Oh how fun Anne!! I know Tamara had a wonderful time!!! I agree..summer has passed in a flash and I missed alot of the things we usually do. With Jim has been an odd summer at best!
    Happy to see you back and computer working again - I missed you hon!!! Love, Sarah..your Sis

    BTW...loved the grackle picture & thanks for the compliment on my photos - whooo hoo made my day!!!

  3. Dear Anne,

    Hey! Congratulation on the new computer!! And thanks so much for mentioning my blog. I love the pictures here of the beautiful weekend you two had together. Those birds are hilarious, but I shudder to think what all that pretend sugar is doing to their poor little bodies!! Yes, summer is streaking by here, too, and I feel like I'm just getting in the swing. I must get to the ocean before it's over.Hugs to you, your sis, Barbara

  4. Hi Anne~ Summer did fly by so quickly! I did a wonderful thing for myself, I began an amazing nutritional program that has actually changed my life! I still cannot believe myself when I try on clothes that I wore 10 years ago and they now fit! But the reason I did it was not for weight loss, even though I had packed on 25 pounds as the years have passed, I did it for my health and have realized that it is all about what we eat, I thought I was eating "healthy" but obviously not as healthy as I could have. SO I did something really special for myself this summer, I think we as Moms tend to always take care of everyone in our family first, and we don't even realize that we are neglecting ourselves!~
    Enjoy the rest of your summer!