Sunday, August 30, 2009

Double Good

We're almost into September and fall is one of the two traditional seasons for fundraisers that take shape in runs, walks, bike tours and other fun group events that happen outdoors. Late spring into early summer is the other season depending on where your live. Here in the southwest, March, April and May, October and November seems to be our favorite months. For people who plan these fundraisers, trying to find an open weekend with an open venue is always a challenge. Been there, done that.

But for us unencumbered participants, that means LOTS of choices. AND while we are out there running or peddling, we are burning calories, catching some vitamin D, moving our muscles and doing something for the benefit of others. Double good!
If you want to really get serious, there are even teams organized for a few health-related causes that help you get in shape to participate in The Day(s). Check with your local hospitals or cancer centers to see if they are sponsoring team training.

We have a few breast cancer events coming up where I live and I have been seeing women, many dressed in pink, all walking together early in the mornings. They're moving, pumping their arms, talking, some with dogs on their leashes out in front of them. How fun is that?

My son, Jesse, was my walk partner for March of Dimes WalkAmerica for many years. His first walk was when he was four years old, ensconced in a Radio Flyer wagon with a pillow, water, snacks, etc. 11 miles! What was I thinking? But we made it. And he and my dogs walked with me and various friends into his late teenage years. Much to his credit, he wasn't embarrassed to do that with me.

It's a great time to chat, bond, enjoy the out of doors. It's a win-win for all.

So this fall, I challenge you to find some event for a cause you believe in, raise some money and do it! Form a team, grab a friend, your dog, your kids and enjoy. Maybe even start a tradition.

I'm doing American Cancer Society's Making Strides for Breast Cancer this fall thanks to an invite from a friend. What about you?

If you can't get out and do a walk or run, how about supporting a fundraiser this fall that just involves your giving? Toys for Tots, your local food bank, women's shelters, ASPCA, you name it - there are hundreds.

Our church had a fundraiser for the youth group that involved flamingos! We had the opportunity to make a donation in advance, but if you didn't buy the "insurance policy," teens would come to your home in the middle of the night and place flamingos all over your yard. Then you had to make a donation to get them out of your yard, but you also got to tell the kids whose house they should target next. It was so fun. We wanted the flamingos, so we didn't pay up front and one morning, there they were. We never did find out who sent them! Lots of fun. So while this wasn't a charity event that helped us burn any calories, it was definitely good for the head!

Enjoy. Make it fun. It's good for everyone.


  1. Whaaa haaa looove the flamingos - what a fun event that was!!! Hee hee!!
    Most of our event season is in the late Spring Summer and early Fall here. Our Ironman was in June this year and it was so cool and rainy we had folks with hypothermia by the end of the day.
    I am working my life towards doing a few of these fun challenges. I would love to do Ironman..but am thinking much smaller goal to start. So I am looking at next summers events as a maybe!! How fun to walk with Jessie and your pups. I bet Nonni would love it..even Fox maybe!! Lucy Lu for sure...hmmmmmm...wonderful heads up Anne and a wonderful post!!!
    Hugs and love to you, Sarah

  2. What great pics of the flamingos...the shadows are awesome! We have an Applefest at the end of September that we all look forward to. A morning walk that raises $ and is always fun. I could use some of that vitamin D...seems I've been inside far too long this summer!

  3. Love the shadow pics of the Flamingos! I would love to get a pic of the shadow of a Blue Heron that flies over here all of the time, maybe someday I will be here with my camera! We did have a Moose in our back yard for 2 hours one morning back in July!!