Sunday, January 17, 2010

Desert Critters Around Me

Harris Hawk

Mexican Gray Wolf


Bighorn Sheep

Our resident Bobcat kitten

We are blessed to have plentiful wildlife in and around our state, including this little bobcat kitten posing in my front yard. (Mom is around somewhere close.) Bobcats seem to be having a banner season here this year. The javelina run in herds, smell a lot like skunks and its fun to see them, but not run into them! The Mexican wolf is far up in the mountains towards New Mexico, so we don't see them except at the Desert Museum. The Bighorn Sheep seem not to be that plentiful, but you might see one while you're hiking. We ran into a herd of them while in the Grand Canyon a few years ago. Harris Hawks hang out in families, hunting rodents together, perching on the tops of saguaros to get a good look. Not pictured are the many coyotes, foxes and the occasional mountain lion we see closeby. I hope I never see a mountain lion right in my neighborhood however. Some of my friends have, though. Yeeesh! We also have a multitude of lizards, snakes, toads, insects, hummingbirds, the roadrunner and more.

I love living here because I have to pay attention to my environment. Keeps you on your toes. Arizona is a beautiful place to live.


  1. Oh oh oh I love this post!! The bobcats in your!! We had one in Athol..she ate my ducks!!They are beautiful though!!
    I miss all the wildlife there..and from here when we lived in the woods. We had lots of deer, wild turkeys, bobcat and cougars too! Saw footprints but never in person. Elk too..they call them Wapiti means white butt..LOL!!
    Wonderful post hon!! Love ya, Sarah

  2. Is it hot where you live? Dumb question - but how is the heat? sandie