Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Halloween!

These glass pumpkins, with the exception of the little one, were blown by artisans of the Sonoran Glass Academy, a nonprofit organization in Tucson, AZ that helps kids learn glass blowing skills. I've collected them over the last few years and I love them. The Academy has a big pumpkin sale every October and there are tons to choose from. I actually got to see the black and orange striped one being blown this year so it's very special.

You might also notice the maple leaf artwork woven in among the pumpkins drawn by my sister, Sarah.

Happy Halloween blogland!


  1. And a very Happy Halloween to you, too! I love the idea of a pumpkin collection and how wonderful to be close to the glass blowing studio. Teaching kids -- Wonderful.

  2. A Happy Halloween to you! Wow...that black drizzled pumpkin is fabulous!

  3. Aww thanks hon!! I have to tell you the one you sent me just made my year! I love love loooove it!! It is just stunning!! Looks like you have a wonderful collection going there! They really are so beautiful!
    Happy Halloween to you hon!! Love ya, Sarah