Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Premio Meme Award

Thanks to Diantha, for this very nice award. I love her positive attitude and her enthusiasm in sharing what she learns with us out here in blogland. So for this award I was asked to share seven thing about myself and then share the award with seven other people. So here goes! Hope it's interesting!

1. I attended a private women's college my first year of college. Lived in NY at the time and it was in Virginia. What a culture shock. Anytime you left campus you were supposed to wear a dress or skirt - no pants. Well, you can't skateboard very well in a skirt, you know? After about seven times getting caught they campused me for a week. What a trouble maker!

2. I have two wonderful kids - Tamara who is 33 and Jesse who is 24. I love them dearly and get to see them often. My husband Les, has three daughters, two of whom I see as much as possible and they're terrific - Gina and Jamie. Cinnamon I get to see once in awhile and she's special, too.

3. My husband, Les and I have been married for six years. We met on January 25, 2002 and married on January 25, 2003. Today, I was in the dentist office (on my vacation no less) getting a root canal and he tucked a note into my car door handle telling me a was special and he was thinking about me . Awww. What a sweetie.

4. I served on a Search & Rescue team in the mountains quite a few years ago. Loved it, learned a lot. Little known fact - I was the first woman to be certified to rappel from a helicopter in that county's sheriff's department. Whoohoo. Pretty fun.

5. I'm a bird watcher from way back. My mom taught me that love for birds. This weekend I was in Minnesota and was thrilled to see an Indigo Bunting. Beautiful.

6. I'm an artist. Pen & ink, pencil and pastel are my mediums. One day I hope to paint. Thought that was going to be my career all the years I was growing up, but life took me in another direction. I used to illustrate for the LA Times pet column, Kal Kan and for a number of realtors when I had time more time. My sister Sarah is encouraging me to get back into it and maybe have an Etsy site. I'd love that. Hopefully soon.

7. I've always seen my career as my own personal ministry. I think it is what I was meant to do.

So here are seven super women I am sending this award to:

Renee I love her courage and many words of wisdom

Karen Love her wool animals - amazing

Bridget Her jewelry has been all over the US with me! Love it. I want more.

Audrey Courage like no other and attitude to back it up. Awesome.

Sarah My sister who I truly admire for all the things she is and is yet to be.

Alicia For her beautiful jewelry and her beautiful soul.

KacyK For all the virtual rides we've been able to go on with her. Keep riding!


  1. Anne so many things to be proud of. I hope that you will share some of your art with us soon. I would love to see it.

    Thank you for the award, I love it.

    Love Renee xoxo

  2. Anne, thank you so much for the award~ I enjoyed reading about you, and I do hope that you get back into drawing and get your work on Etsy. Cannot wait to see it!!
    Many Blessings

  3. Whoo hoo...YESSSSSS Etsy shop for you!! I can't wait to see what you come up with!!
    Thnk you for the award hon - I am touched!! I love the tell seven thing kind!! I will say this is the first time I read someones seven and knew them all was kinda nice!! You are amazing and I am beyond proud to be your sis!!
    Huge hugs and love, Sarah

  4. WOW...rappel from a helicopter? What a thrill!! I love the seven memes as we get to know so much more about a person instead of the short post. I can't wait to see your art must run in the family ☺! Thanks so much for the meme..I'm truly honored!!

  5. Anne, you sound like someone I would love to hang out with! What an adventuresome spirit you are. And still willing to grow, learn, expand! You go girl! Can't wait to see your Etsy shop! Let me know when it is up! xo

  6. Hay thanks sweetie, for the meme award! I will do that soon...and YOU should consider renewing your talents and sharing them with the world...Why not? We could be blessed by your wares!
    KacyK riding on!!!