Saturday, January 31, 2009

Why Have a Goal Age?

When I was young, I had this youthful idea that there wasn't any reason I shouldn't live as long as my grandmother who passed away at 94 years. Maybe longer! I had no plan how I was going to get there, but frankly I didn't know I needed a plan!

But in my fifties, I had one of those V-8 moments and realized that since I had to have long-term and short-term goals for accomplishing my work, my financial dreams...really everything, why did I not use that same type of planning for my health? I can't really think of anything that allows you to just bump along like a twig in a stream with no rudder that ends with accomplishing something worthwhile! "The plan is the thing" as they say.

So many are living today with no thought about anything other than the immediate future. We're too busy, we have others to care for.... No plan, no goals, just walking day to day in the dark - little flashlight aimed at our toes. And then we have a heart attack and say "Whoa, how did that happen? How did I miss that boulder on the path?"

So we have decide first of all, how old do we want to be when we kick off? Everyone I know wants to have a good quality of life until the end. We have all kinds of tools at our disposal to help us have that. But first, what is that age for you? What is your long-term goal?

My goal is to make it to 100 years old, still moving under my own power, enjoying my family, nature, my dogs, reading and thinking! I want to attend the centarian celebration in my town and after that, I'm good.

So what is your goal age ladies? Before any other planning, let's decide that!


  1. Whoo hoo!!!! Ya did it!! So proud of you!!! You can click on my pic and it will go to mine!! Have fun - I love it!!!! I'll give ya a plug!! Love, Sarah

  2. Hi there, your sister Sarah posted on her site that you have a blog so I came over to check it out! Good info here, I will put your blog link on my site as well!
    Welcome to blogville! :-)

  3. I adore your sister Sarah! She has reason to be proud of you, your accomplishments are great! Might be too late for me to determine my age goal, just trying to stay alive right now :-)

  4. I think my sister's pretty great, too! Gail, if you're breathing girl, it's never too late!!! LOL. Set your goal and start developing short-term goals to get there. Trying counts! I'll be talking more about all of this in the next entries. Stay tuned. Thanks for linking!

  5. Your little sister Sarah (who I love) sent me over here. So, nice to meet you.

    I tripped over the boulder big time and it is just like you say.

    Truthfully, I would love to make it to 72, but I will even take 67.

    To 59 even.


  6. Hi Anne,

    Your sister sent me over and I'm delighted that she did. My mother passed away at the age of 83. She wasn't in great shape at that age. I'll be happy to live longer -- let's try for 85 -- but in much better *shape* -- mentally and physically. I think that mentally I've got it made -- interested in lots. Physically - that's something I've got to work on (and the gym is just across the street!

    Nice meeting you!

  7. I can totally relate. Breast cancer took our mom in her early sixties. She was a wonderful person, very caring. I've really missed her in my life. She never exercised though. Never unless you count the occasional golf game. When I'm pumping iron in the gym at 58 I think about that. At 50, 60, 70 we aren't our moms or our grandmothers when they were that age. We know much they didn't. We're very fortunate and we ROCK! Keep that inquisitive mind rolling in a good strong body. You can do it!